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FKA Architects

FKA Architects is an architectural firm located in northeast New Jersey. FKA provides architectural, Interior Design, Planning, and Facility Management Services. The owners at FKA needed a website that reflected the high quality of their company’s work. Seeking an NJ architect web design company in Bergen County, they hired our firm to do the job for them.

We were fortunate that the folks at FKA Architects had the foresight to invest the time and effort to take numerous high-quality photographs of their projects. They provided these to us (and we gratefully accepted) at the outset of the building of their website, and these excellent photos contributed greatly to the final outcome and overall impact of the site.

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One component of their website that differentiated FKA Architects from other NJ architect firm website design was the Project Bids section. These project bids were rather detailed and contained a fair amount of information. The site owners needed a method to enter this data and publish it to their website’s Bids section.

We created an easy-to-use form containing all of the data fields. After the fields were populated and the form published, it was outputted to their website in a clear and readable format for both large and small screens. An archive section of all current and past Project Bids was also created at the request of FKA Architects. This is a unique feature in most NJ architect web design.

NJ architect web design

NJ Architect Web Design

According to the NJ chapter of the American Institute of Architects, there are 410 architects in New Jersey listed on their website. This is a highly competitive field, but unfortunately, not all architects in NJ make the best use of their websites. Many are outdated and are not designed to work on mobile devices, or do not have an SSL certificate.

Some newer web browsers will not load sites that do not have a secure certificate (SSL), and Google will rank your NJ architecture firm’s website in the rankings if it is not secure (you will see the lock icon next to your website URL if you are using SSL, and a “Not Secure” notice in the same place if your site is not SSL encrypted). A site labeled as “Not Secure” may also cause your site visitors to click away and not proceed to your firm’s website.

Image optimization is vital to the success of your NJ architect firm’s website design

Poor image optimization is another commonly-seen problem among NJ architect firm web design. Of the many NJ architect firm website designs that we reviewed, we frequently found that the images included were much too large and loaded slowly due to their large file sizes. This slows down your website, which is another detrimental factor when attempting to gain a good position in the search engine results. Google rewards fast-loading websites with better search engine positioning. Slow-loading sites are penalized in the search results and are an indicator of poor website architecture design.

Your NJ architect firm website design should be responsive

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top NJ architect firm web design
Top NJ architect firm web design

More than half of all Internet users search for sites on their cell phones. Mobile search account for more than 55% of all the visits you receive on your firm’s website. That is why you need an architect firm website designed to work seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets, and screen sizes of all sizes. If your NJ architect firm’s website design is not readable and usable on handheld devices, you are potentially losing more than half of your visitors and potential clients.

NJ architect firm website design

If you would like to book your free introductory call to discuss your NJ architect firm’s website, you may get in touch with us through our Contact page or schedule a call. Click here for our phone consultation calendar. We would like to hear about your architectural firm’s website ideas.


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