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Project Questionnaire

How much does a website cost?

That’s the most common first question that we receive — understandably! If you are planning to purchase something, you’ll want to have an idea of the price tag, right? The answer to the question of how much does a website cost — as much as we hate saying it — is, “it depends.” Sorry. We don’t mean to be vague, but we need to know a few more specifics before we are able to give an estimated fee for your project.

A website can be large or small, simple or complex. So, to better answer your question regarding the price of building a customized website for your business, we ask you to please complete and submit the questionnaire below. Once we have receive your completed questionnaire, we will gladly respond with a price estimate.

If you wish to move forward from there, we recommend having a more in-depth talk about your project, your goals, and what you are seeking to accomplish with your new website. After that, we can provide you with a formal proposal and price.

Website Project Questions

Please take a few minutes to complete this brief questionnaire and submit it to us. It will give us a much clearer idea about your website project and will enable us to formulate an estimate.